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Community Fundraised Rental Assistance for Those Most Vulnerable in the Philly Queer Nightlife Community

Covid has affected our community in unprecedented ways. We need to meet the challenge by coming together and providing unprecedented support for those who are struggling the most. 

This fund was started to make sure that the Philly Queer Nightlife Community will be able to survive the latest indoor dining closure which led to abrupt layoffs and an end to most drag shows. The need is acute and it is urgent. As people who are in an economically vulnerable position reach out for assistance, we will update the goal and push harder on fundraising to meet the need for December. 

We did it!
Funds raised for and distributed to 7 community members!


Send Contributions to:
Venmo @biddybeedrag
Include note ‘Pay the Rent Fund’


If you are, or know someone in the Philly Queer Nightlife scene who is also unsure of how they will make rent this December, please have them fill out the following form which will ask for contact info, how much money they need,  and when they need it by with some additional information as well.
*Form was closed on 12/23/20 11:59PM to ensure there is time to meet fundraising goal before the end of the month.
*Biddy will be personally contributing all proceeds from merch sales, shows and a portion of personal income to the fund*
Why a fund? Why now? What are the stakes?
This last indoor dining shutdown in Philly left many people in the queer nightlife community in a vulnerable position, as businesses had to dramatically reduce their staff and shut down shows. Much of the assistance that was available from the government and the community when the pandemic first started is gone, and while there are good signs that there will be a relief package coming soon, it seems unlikely that the relief will arrive in December. This month could be the breaking point for many in our community, not knowing how they will make rent, acquire food, and pay for medical expenses. With the vaccines coming so soon, we cannot let those who have been fighting so hard be left with no options now. 
Biddy Bee is starting a Pay the Rent fund and community resources gathering effort. The initial fundraising goal of $750 ensures one member of our community, Lady Geisha, can make rent this December. She shared her situation with me last week and her story moved me deeply, and reminded me why I moved back home to Philly in the first place: to be a part of a community that rises to the challenges of adversity, together.
We will try to work with every individual by increasing the goal and pushing our fundraising harder to make sure to take care of those who are most vulnerable right now. Your information will not be shared broadly unless you would like to contribute your story to the fundraising efforts.
PLEASE NOTE: We are looking to assist those in most desperate need in the community, and will be working with each person to understand what they need and what we can fundraise.There may be a point in which we cannot help everyone who requests assistance so please take that into consideration with your request.


Recipients of the Fund 
This list will be updated with all of the people requesting assistance so you can also support them directly and see who has been helped and who is still awaiting funds to be raised. Many people will remain anonymous at their own discretion.
Lady Geisha (@ladygeisha_stratton) - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!
Destiny Gonzalez - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!
Community Member - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!
Zsa Zsa Dalí (@zsazsadali) - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!
Community Member - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!
Community Member - FUNDS RAISED! RENT PAID!

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